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Greensters working with @goGreenToyRD share the vision and values ​​of a community focused on creating real change, and not "Just For Show".

We are motivated by the idea that the best work is done with ethical diligence, collaboration and lots of fun.

 Proven Results

The purpose is to create real changes that are permanent; That is why you have noticed that our system is made up of a set of projects that are self-sufficient and that result from an empirical base from the innovative ecosystem.

 Happy Atmosphere

At our NGO we believe that if our Greensters are happy the work will be incredible. Because of this, we not only take the time to create a happy environment , but we also give everyone the opportunity to develop their skills with us.

(and counting)

 @goGreenToy in numbers


8759 + Hours Worked / Month

200+ Talented People

100 + Green Products / Designs

2120 + Hours of Field Work

10 + Special Projects