Meet our super team, made up of greensters who work voluntarily, without pay, and with all the dedication in the world ::: Invite them to a coffee!

Amaya Malik.jpg
International Relations ::: USA

Amaya Malik

Her responsibilities include coordinating projects in North America: CA, USA

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International Relations ::: Asia

Alice Zhou

Among her responsibilities is coordinating projects considering Asian cultures.

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Marketing & Branding ::: International

Naomi Di Cocco

Among her responsibilities is the management of international marketing & branding.

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Vivian Demonte 2.jpg
International Relations ::: Brazil

Vivian Demonte

Her responsibilities include coordinating projects in South America: BR and others

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Educational Programs ::: International

Janell Perez

Among her responsibilities is the coordination of educational and research programs.

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Marketing & Donations ::: Dom. Rep.

Anneris Perez

Among her responsibilities is the marketing strategy in attracting donors.

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Luz Alcantara Bavaro Punta Cana.png
International Relations ::: Dom. Rep.

Luz Alcantara

Her responsibilities include coordinating projects in the Dominican Republic, focusing on Bávaro and Punta Cana.

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Juan Barcelo.png
Operation & Distribution ::: Dom. Rep.

Juan Barcelo

In charge of the donations distribution & operation network, project strategies and related.

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Legal & Compliance ::: Dom. Rep.

Máximo Gutierrez

His responsibilities include overseeing legal and compliance matters.

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