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Donate money and contribute to the projects we detail below. Every penny goes to an important aspect of our NGO.


We have an event on goFundme

Our fundraising events include various platforms and you can do it for us, too. Just contact us and coordinate so that you get permission to use our logo. Successful places ::: Facebook , youtube , others .

Playing with Matches

Green Talks & Workshops

At @gogreentoyRD we understand that the basis of everything is education to create continuity. Therefore, we train volunteers to deliver our educational events and organize these incredible moments with the general public with the general public.

Art Class

Recycling Training & Art

Since 1999 we have helped teachers and artists with kits of recyclable materials and we apply the 3Rs in our NGO's own green products. At every event we do, we give children souvenirs that inspire them to follow in our footsteps.

Art and Craft
green papers

Field Work ::: R&D

Data collection, which allows projects to continue innovating and creating real changes, is carried out monthly. So far in the cities of Santo Domingo, Santiago, Hato Mayor and we want to do it nationwide.

Students Discussing Paper

Other Projects ::: Continuous Labor

Our love for the planet and the future of our youth respects the guidelines of the United Nations and the SDGs . Before getting involved, we already had our global project designed to touch as many areas of our social platform as possible and this includes fundraising for libraries, centers, art exhibitions, among others.

Modern Structure

"Every penny donated is one step closer to real change"