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go green toy

  Since 1998, @gogreentoyRD has molded an original and innovative system based on empirical data, exhaustive research and rigorous analysis.

Reports Available in the Platform of Sustainable Development Goals

Go Green Toy allocates the necessary resources based on research  and according to the project and community needs in order to create real change


GoGreenToy Annual Report

Every year, we draft our report. In 2020, we've adjusted to the global #pandemic :::

[# Covid19]

Cartoon Animal

Clean planet :::

Human Right

We have been working since 1998 so that the Right to a Clean Planet is the Universal Human Right.


3Rs +  goGreenToy

The workshops and talks are only part of our global project. We have formed an ecosystem capable of self-feeding and producing real changes.

A Natural Girl

The emotional state of a child

When you think about the emotional health of our children, it may not occur to you that it affects global consciousness.

T for Turtle

We are duly registered >>>> Ministry of Economy * Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources * Ministry of Culture

—  Name, Title

OUR miSsion

Help underpriviledged children reduce, reuse and recycle using art.


Donate Recyclable Materials


We have carried out approx. 250 Talks, 385 workshops, surveys, R&D, proposals...


We have more than 40 designs for green products ready to manufacture.


We have conducted more than 300 interviews with key stakeholders.


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